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Few Words About Us

Jamie Novak – Jamie Novak has 28 years in the fire service. He is a full time fire investigator with the St. Paul Fire Department for the last 12 plus years. Former Chief Fire Investigator of St. Paul Fire Department until budget cuts in 1998.

He was a former Deputy State Fire Marshal Investigator for the Minnesota State Fire Marshal’s Office and their training coordinator of the fire investigation courses for 11 plus years.

He was originally from Golden Valley Fire Department, where he started as a Volunteer Firefighter and then was hired as a part-time Fire Inspector and then full time before being hired by the Minnesota State Fire Marshal’s office.

He was the President of the MN Chapter of the IAAI for 12 plus years, and former board member of the IAAI.

He is a Certified Fire Investigator (IAAI-CFI). He is also licensed as a private Fire investigator with the MN Private Detectives board.

He started his business Novak Investigations in 2000 conducting Fire investigations for Insurance companies and Attorneys and Manufactures.

He has burned approximately 80+ houses and blown up 7 houses and 14 cubicles, and conducted over  900 plus burns.

He has presented at numerous conferences around the country and at international events.

Mr. Jamie Novak addressed the meeting and give a presentation on various types of combustion explosions to the members of the London Fire Brigade Fire Investigation Group and the Arson Reduction Team. Their work reached a notable milestone in 2003 when they launch the first IAAI Chapter in the British Isles: IAAI-UK.

Much of Jamie's research ends up in publications like Crime reconstruction  By William Jerry Chisum, Brent E. Turvey.  Scientific protocols for fire investigation  By John J. Lentini.

He has instructed in the field of gas explosions throughout the USA and overseas.  Mr. Novak has assisted or coordinated with hundreds of test burns of various sizes including setting experimental burns in more than 70 houses, and explosions in 7 houses. 

He was a principal player in the development of the Minnesota IAAI’s Gas Migration and Explosion training video in 1994.  He is a member of the IAAI and holds the IAAI’s CFI certification.


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