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Training Material - MN IAAI Files

To download the items below requires you to login with a user name and password.

Jamie for your password and login instructions.
It would be best if you have a high speed internet connection as these can be very large files to download. 

By clicking on the "FTP Process" link you will be asked for a user name and password.  After you have entered the correct information a Java ftp software program will load which will take a few minutes. You may be prompted to accept a certificate, just click always.

Once the software has opened you will see two panels. The one on the right is my server and the one on the left is your hard drive.  If there are folders in the right side window you can double click the folders in the panel on the right side to see whats in the folders.

To download you click on the download button at the bottom of the screen by scrolling down a little.  This copy the folder to your side of the screen and it will download all the files in the folder to your hard drive. This may take a while!!

Click image to enlarge

If you are having problems downloading the items from the web site.  It may be because some of your computers DO NOT have Java installed on them.  To determine this you can load Internet Explorer web browser and then click on "tools" and then on the "Advanced" tab and scroll down to find the Java section. If it is not there you will need to install the software which is free.

Click here to start the FTP process.

What we do?
He has instructed in the field of gas explosions, throughout the USA and overseas.  Mr. Novak has assisted with or coordinated  hundreds of test burns of various sized including setting experimental burns in more than 70 houses, and explosions in 7 houses. 
He was a principal player in the development of the Minnesota IAAI’s Gas Migration and Explosion training video in 1994.  He is a member of the IAAI and holds the IAAI’s CFI certification.


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